Website: Suminagashi: The Ancient Art of Japanese Marbling

Marbling paper or other materials can be fun, but the process can also be surprisingly complex. This website discusses the process and shows many examples. If you’re interested in either marbling or Japanese art in general, this site is a good place to start. link to Suminagashi: The Ancient Art of Japanese Marbling

Website: Agatha Christie:The world’s best-selling author of all time

Do you like murder mysteries? Are you interested in detective stories? If the answer to either question is yes, then you may want to check out this site. It provides a lot of great information about Agatha Christie, her works, and her methods. It is a potentially valuable resource for those who want to either… Continue reading Website: Agatha Christie:The world’s best-selling author of all time


This site provides a solid resource on Greek gods and goddesses, as well as links to Classical literature. If you are interested in ancient Greek religion, are researching a topic, or if your instructor has asked you to write about the Greek gods, then this site may be one you'll want to check out. link… Continue reading Website: THEOI GREEK MYTHOLOGY

Website: Silk Road-History of the silk road

In the Ancient and Medieval worlds, a great deal of the trade (in goods such as silk, spices, and glass) was conducted via the Silk Road--a trade network that ran from Europe through Northern Africa, the Middle East and Persia, India, and eventually into China. This site gives some good background on the various routes… Continue reading Website: Silk Road-History of the silk road

Website: MoMA

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MoMA (the Museum of Modern Art) is one of the world's premere museums dedicated to modern art. On there website, they have a great deal of information about all styles and kinds of modern art. You can go straight to their "Art and Artists" section or search for something particular, but if you are researching… Continue reading Website: MoMA

Website: Music Wave

Whether you are interested in studying music history, playing an instrument, or finding out about the latest music app, Music Wave may have what you are looking for. They have a wide variety of information on music history, music styles, and contemporary musical concerns. In particular, their Blog section is divided into themes for easy… Continue reading Website: Music Wave

Website: Lost Plays Database

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Did you know that humanity has lost much of our literature through history? The Lost Plays Database discusses the dramatic losses from English theater in the Renaissance (specifically 1570-1642). It's a solid research tool and a source of a lot of interesting information on the plays that have been lost from that period. link to… Continue reading Website: Lost Plays Database

Website: The Art Story

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The Art Story is a website that presents articles on many different artists. It's format is both informative and fun as it shows the progression of their careers through the selection of artwork from various points in their careers. If you need to research an artist, this is a great place to begin to get… Continue reading Website: The Art Story

Website: The Collector: Daily Articles on Ancient History, Art and Artists…

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This website presents a great variety of information on many subjects, including psychology, art, history, art history, etc. They've got a fairly comprehensive list of tags, and their search engine is very responsive. This is a great place to search for a topic or to do your initial research. link to The Collector

Website: The Latin Library

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Do you like Rome, the Middle Ages, the Early Church, or Latin? If so, The Latin Library may be for you. The goal of the site's creator was to compile public domain versions of important Latin documents--from Cicero, to Augustine, to Dante. There's only one small issue--all of the texts are in the original Latin,… Continue reading Website: The Latin Library

Website: Project Gutenberg

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If you need a book for a project, you might want to check out Project Gutenberg. They provide researchers and readers with open source ebooks in a variety of formats. While they have an extensive collection, they are limited by their desire to only publish works that are out of copyright (you can be fairly… Continue reading Website: Project Gutenberg

Website: Architectural Digest

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Are you researching an architectural topic (particularly a contemporary one)? If so, you may find something interesting on the website of Architectural Digest. Their search function can be a little awkward, so you may have to do a bit of a manual search. Their articles may be a little hard to find, but they are… Continue reading Website: Architectural Digest

Website: My Modern Met

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This website has so much information that it can get a little overwhelming, but luckily it also has a really effective search function. If you are looking for anything from humanities to art history to artistic techniques, My Modern Met may have what you need. link to My Modern Met