Article: The Kraken: when myth encounters science

Are sea monsters real? Can someone "release the Kraken"? History and literature are filled with a myriad of stories about deadly beasts that sink ships and eat people. This article presents a theory that may explain as least some of the (less deadly and dangerous) stories. link to The Kraken: when myth encounters science

Article: After 25 Years at Sea, Shipwrecked Lego Pieces Are Still Washing Ashore on Beaches in England

When you think of Legos shipwrecks and environmental disasters are probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, that's what this article is about. Apparently, a shipwreck a couple of decades ago dropped 5 million Legos (amongst other things) into the sea off of the coast of England in what has come to… Continue reading Article: After 25 Years at Sea, Shipwrecked Lego Pieces Are Still Washing Ashore on Beaches in England

Article: Scientists Recreate Cleopatra’s Favorite Perfume

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What did the past smell like? This is a question that this article from Smithsonian Magazine tries to address. While it focusses on the attempts to recreate Cleopatra's perfume, it also talks about the importance of scent to culture and ways that we might recapture the scents of the past. link to Scientists Recreate Cleopatra's… Continue reading Article: Scientists Recreate Cleopatra’s Favorite Perfume

Article: The Medieval Queens Whose Daring, Murderous Reigns Were Quickly Forgotten

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Brunhild and Fredegund were queens of the Merovingian Dynasty. They survived the assassinations of their kings and maneuvered their way through the political power plays of their times. Unfortunately, both them and the dynasty they belonged to are often left out of discussions of the Middle Ages. This article from Smithsonian Magazine shines a light… Continue reading Article: The Medieval Queens Whose Daring, Murderous Reigns Were Quickly Forgotten

Article: Language matters: What learners need to know about Ukrainian

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Duolingo offers both free and paid online language classes in numerous languages. As such, they know a great deal about how language works and what hidden messages it can contain. In this article from their blog, Duolingo explains the differences between the Ukrainian and Russian languages and talks about how language can be political. This… Continue reading Article: Language matters: What learners need to know about Ukrainian

Article: The Disturbing True Story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin

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Fairy tales can be disturbing, they can teach valuable lessons, but can they be true? The authors of this article explore some disturbing possibilities about the truth of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Whatever your opinion on this particular story, this article shows that folk and fairy tales can tell us a surprising amount about… Continue reading Article: The Disturbing True Story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin

Website: Catholic Education Resource Center-Culture

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The Catholic Education Research Center is interested in answering questions about faith and in providing information and education on a wide variety of cultural topics. Their Culture section offers links to information on Art, Beauty, History, Literature, Music, and and number of other subjects related to the Humanities. If you are interested in Catholic issues,… Continue reading Website: Catholic Education Resource Center-Culture

Article: Seeing Through the History of Ancient Roman Glass

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Ancient people produced many of the same things that we use in our modern world. Glass is one of those things, and the Romans were well known for the quality of their glass production. This article provides a wealth of information on the study of the practices of the Roman glass industry. link to Seeing… Continue reading Article: Seeing Through the History of Ancient Roman Glass

Article: History of St. Valentine

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Did you know that there were three Catholic martyrs named St. Valentine that are all honored with a feast day on February 14th? This article explains what we know (and what we don't) about each of these men who died for their faith and gave their name to a holiday dedicated to love. link to… Continue reading Article: History of St. Valentine

Website: Smithsonian Magazine

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For students of culture, the online home of the Smithsonian Magazine is an incredible resource. They have searchable sections on Smart News, History, Science, Innovation, Arts & Culture, Travel, At the Smithsonian, Photos, Videos, and Games. Wherever your interests lie within the Humanities, the Smithsonian Magazine would be a good place to start your research.… Continue reading Website: Smithsonian Magazine

Website: English Heritage-Learn

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English Heritage is a English charity that takes care of a number of historic properties. They also have put together extensive learning resources, which can be accessed on the "Learn" section of their page. If you are interested in anything related to England or the British Isles, then I strongly suggest you check out their… Continue reading Website: English Heritage-Learn

Article: English Heritage-Early Medieval

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When studying Medieval Europe, it's important to remember that, while we can make some generalizations, each region or country in Europe faced some unique challenges during this period. England in particular experienced the many things in the Middle Ages completely differently than the rest of Europe. In some ways this post is about a section… Continue reading Article: English Heritage-Early Medieval

Article: Sumerian Tablets: A Deeper Understanding of the Oldest Known Written Language

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I think that this article may have the longest title of anything I have written about so far, but Ancient Origins has put together a very interesting look at an often neglected people. When we look at the history of language and writing, we often throw the word "cuneiform" out there without any context. This… Continue reading Article: Sumerian Tablets: A Deeper Understanding of the Oldest Known Written Language

Website: Smarthistory: The Center for Public Art History

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Smarthistory has a number of excellent articles and videos about the history of art. No matter what you are researching, this is a great site to check as their information deals with diverse cultures and time periods. For example, at the time I'm posting this, the first two topics on their landing page deal with… Continue reading Website: Smarthistory: The Center for Public Art History

Article: Introduction to Stonehenge

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Are you interested in Stonehenge? If so, then I highly recommend this detailed article from the British Museum's blog. They provide a great deal of interesting information and a number of amazing visuals. I appreciate that this article goes over the history, in addition to talking about how it's put together. link to Introduction to… Continue reading Article: Introduction to Stonehenge