Website: Music Wave

Whether you are interested in studying music history, playing an instrument, or finding out about the latest music app, Music Wave may have what you are looking for. They have a wide variety of information on music history, music styles, and contemporary musical concerns. In particular, their Blog section is divided into themes for easy… Continue reading Website: Music Wave

Article: “Can One Man Save the World” Song About Zelensky Takes the Internet by Storm

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Musicians, artists, and other creators of the Humanities often respond to current events in their work. In this article, Newsweek discusses the internet's response to John Ondrasik's (Five for Fighting) song about the impact that the President of Ukraine is having on the world. link to "Can One Man Save the World" Song About Zelensky… Continue reading Article: “Can One Man Save the World” Song About Zelensky Takes the Internet by Storm

Website: Classic FM

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Classic FM is the web version of a Classical music radio station from the United Kingdom, and it purports to have the largest audience of any Classical music station in the world. In addition to offering a streaming station full of excellent examples from the Classical music genre, Classic FM's website offers interesting news articles… Continue reading Website: Classic FM

Website: Catholic Education Resource Center-Culture

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The Catholic Education Research Center is interested in answering questions about faith and in providing information and education on a wide variety of cultural topics. Their Culture section offers links to information on Art, Beauty, History, Literature, Music, and and number of other subjects related to the Humanities. If you are interested in Catholic issues,… Continue reading Website: Catholic Education Resource Center-Culture