Article: The Redemption of Rosa Bonheur

Bonheur, Rosa-The Horse Fair, 1852-1855

Rosa Bonheur was a remarkable 19th Century French artist. She specialized in realistic depictions of animals, and her art was celebrated around the world. Unfortunately, her art has been largely forgotten in her home of France. This article from Smithsonian Magazine discusses efforts to rediscover her art and career. link to The Redemption of Rosa… Continue reading Article: The Redemption of Rosa Bonheur

Video: The Art of Making a Tapestry

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This video is required viewing for my Art Appreciation class, but it's so interesting, I wanted to include it here as well. Tapestry making is an amazing art, and it's one that I don't think is valued today as highly as it should be. Take a look and see what you think. link to The… Continue reading Video: The Art of Making a Tapestry