Video: MOMA In the Studio

When it comes to Modern Art, it sometimes makes more sense if you can see how an artist made his or her particular works. In this YouTube playlist from the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), you can watch artist and conservator Corey D'Augustine show you how painters such as Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and... Continue Reading →

Video: How Was It Made? Silk Painting

Paintings don't have to be done on a canvas. Wood, fiberboard, and even silk are options when creating amazing works of art. This video from the Victoria and Albert Museum shows how a silk painting was made by recreating a historical Chinese work. link to How Was It Made? Silk Painting

Video: How Was It Made? Micromosaics

When most of us think about mosaic art, we probably imagine something fairly large. Micromosaics take the mosaic artform and miniaturize it. In this video from the Victoria and Albert Museum, you can see how a micromosaic is made as they recreate a historical example. link to How Was It Made? Micromosaics

Video: In Search of Forgotten Colors

Many artistic techniques of the past have unfortunately been lost to history. This video from the Victoria and Albert Museum details the quest of a 5th generation Japanese dye maker to recapture the colors of the past. link to In Search of Forgotten Colors

Video: How to Make a Flip Book

This video is both informative and fun. It shows you how to put together your own flipbook and explains how they work. This is valuable as a visual example of the persistence of vision (as discussed by Peter Mark Roget) and a fun activity that doesn't require a huge amount of materials. Fair warning--the videographer,... Continue Reading →

Videos: Dressing Up Series on YouTube

Understanding what people wear can help us understand them and their culture. The history of fashion is a fascinating part of cultural history. If you're interested in checking out fashion, a good place to start is with videos put together by historical reenactors. One such set of videos is priorattire's Dressing Up Series on YouTube.... Continue Reading →

Videos: Crash Course

If you've never heard of PBS's Crash Course series, you should definitely check them out. Ranging in topics from mathematics to science to history to philosophy, they offer fun and engaging looks at complicated topics. They don't have an art series (as of this writing), but students of the Humanities can find a lot of... Continue Reading →

Videos: MOMA’s Pressure and Ink

I've already recommended MOMA's YouTube Channel for those who are interested in learning about Modern Art, but they also have some excellent technique videos as well. In particular, I find their series Pressure and Ink to provide great information about printmaking. Specifically, they have detailed demonstrations (with solid explanations) of relief printing, intaglio printing, and... Continue Reading →

Videos: MOMA’s YouTube Channel

MOMA (The Museum of Modern Art in New York) contains some of the best examples of Modern and Post-Modern art in the world. This art can be very different than the art that most of us are used to, and MOMA has put together a great many excellent videos that showcase various aspects of Modern,... Continue Reading →

Video: The Two Cellos

Have you ever wondered what hard rock would sound like if it was played on the cello? Yeah, me neither. However The Two Cellos have answered that question that most of us never thought to ask. In this case, the song is Thunderstruck, and it will show you just how close Classical music and rock... Continue Reading →

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