Website: English Heritage-Learn

English Heritage is a English charity that takes care of a number of historic properties. They also have put together extensive learning resources, which can be accessed on the "Learn" section of their page. If you are interested in anything related to England or the British Isles, then I strongly suggest you check out their... Continue Reading →

Article: English Heritage-Early Medieval

When studying Medieval Europe, it's important to remember that, while we can make some generalizations, each region or country in Europe faced some unique challenges during this period. England in particular experienced the many things in the Middle Ages completely differently than the rest of Europe. In some ways this post is about a section... Continue Reading →

Website: Renaissance: The Elizabethan World

This site provides a great variety of information about the life and culture of Elizabethan England (my favorite part is their section on Sumptuary Laws mandated who could wear what). Much of their information comes from original sources--documents from Elizabethan England that they have (in many cases) transcribed onto their site. They also have a... Continue Reading →

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