Video: HammerFlower

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Drying or pressing flowers has long been a popular pastime. However, there is a new spin on this old tradition: hammering flowers. This artform works by choosing flowers, placing them on paper, and hitting them with a hammer.... The result is actually quite lovely. This YouTube Channel: HammerFlower shows many examples of the artform, with… Continue reading Video: HammerFlower

Article: Italian Renaissance Art: Tempera Painting

Botticelli, The Annuciation, 1485-1492

Even though it's not as famous as oil paint, tempera paint was a very popular medium in the Italian Renaissance. Traditionally made by combining egg with pigment, tempera is a bit more forgiving than watercolor, but much more delicate than oils. For this reason, it has been the medium of chose for many artistic masters… Continue reading Article: Italian Renaissance Art: Tempera Painting

Article: “Self Healing” Concrete May Have Preserved Ancient Roman Structures

Do you ever wonder how ancient Roman concrete buildings still look amazing, while our concrete sidewalks quickly crack? If so, then this article will help answer your questions. The Smithsonian talks about the innovations the Romans included that has allowed a number of their concrete structures to survive through to today. link to "Self Healing"… Continue reading Article: “Self Healing” Concrete May Have Preserved Ancient Roman Structures

Video: Figures in Red: Red-figure technique in ancient vase painting

Greek Red-Figure Pottery

This video from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston presents a fun take on the process the Greeks may have used in making red-figure pottery. If you're interested in pottery or ancient Greece, then you may find this both enjoyable and helpful. link to Figures in Red: Red-figure technique in ancient vase painting

Website: Suminagashi: The Ancient Art of Japanese Marbling

Marbling paper or other materials can be fun, but the process can also be surprisingly complex. This website discusses the process and shows many examples. If you’re interested in either marbling or Japanese art in general, this site is a good place to start. link to Suminagashi: The Ancient Art of Japanese Marbling

Video: MOMA In the Studio

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When it comes to Modern Art, it sometimes makes more sense if you can see how an artist made his or her particular works. In this YouTube playlist from the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), you can watch artist and conservator Corey D'Augustine show you how painters such as Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and… Continue reading Video: MOMA In the Studio

Video: How Was It Made? Micromosaics

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When most of us think about mosaic art, we probably imagine something fairly large. Micromosaics take the mosaic artform and miniaturize it. In this video from the Victoria and Albert Museum, you can see how a micromosaic is made as they recreate a historical example. link to How Was It Made? Micromosaics

Website: My Modern Met

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This website has so much information that it can get a little overwhelming, but luckily it also has a really effective search function. If you are looking for anything from humanities to art history to artistic techniques, My Modern Met may have what you need. link to My Modern Met

Article: The Basics of Hand-Building Slab Pottery

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When most people think about the process of making pottery, they think about a potter using a wheel. While that is a very common way to make a pot, the art of making slab pottery is ancient in its own right. This article gives a good overview of the art form, and it includes links… Continue reading Article: The Basics of Hand-Building Slab Pottery

Website: The Spruce Crafts

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Applied (or Practical) Arts are those that exist in the space between Craft and Fine Arts. Depending on your point of view, they can belong to either category (or maybe both categories). If you're interested in learning a about papercraft or fiber arts, then this site is one that you should visit. link to The… Continue reading Website: The Spruce Crafts