Article: What Ha Chong-Hyun’s Painting Confirmed for Me 

This article from Hyperallergic discusses the art of Ha Chong-Hyun (one of the leading figures of South Korea’s Tansaekhwa Movement). If you've never heard of this movement, this is a great way to get started exploring it. Ha Chong-Hyun showcases art that uses unusual materials (like barbed wire) and paint that is pushed through fabric.… Continue reading Article: What Ha Chong-Hyun’s Painting Confirmed for Me 

Article: Lost Vorticist Masterpiece Found Hidden Beneath Another Painting

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There are many paintings that have been lost to time. Sometimes the art world is lucky enough to get one of them back--or at least to find out what happened to it. This article discusses the case of a painting (this one by English avant-guard artist Helen Saunders) that was found underneath another painting during… Continue reading Article: Lost Vorticist Masterpiece Found Hidden Beneath Another Painting

Article: Creating a Full Palette of Blues

Color is an essential part of art, and blue is a color that is both commonly used and important. In this article from Smithsonian Magazine, they discuss the discovery of the source of Cobalt Blue, as well as the creation of Prussian Blue. The development of these colors for artistic uses increased the variety of… Continue reading Article: Creating a Full Palette of Blues

Article: The Redemption of Rosa Bonheur

Bonheur, Rosa-The Horse Fair, 1852-1855

Rosa Bonheur was a remarkable 19th Century French artist. She specialized in realistic depictions of animals, and her art was celebrated around the world. Unfortunately, her art has been largely forgotten in her home of France. This article from Smithsonian Magazine discusses efforts to rediscover her art and career. link to The Redemption of Rosa… Continue reading Article: The Redemption of Rosa Bonheur

Video: MOMA In the Studio

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When it comes to Modern Art, it sometimes makes more sense if you can see how an artist made his or her particular works. In this YouTube playlist from the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), you can watch artist and conservator Corey D'Augustine show you how painters such as Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and… Continue reading Video: MOMA In the Studio