Article: English Heritage-Early Medieval

When studying Medieval Europe, it's important to remember that, while we can make some generalizations, each region or country in Europe faced some unique challenges during this period. England in particular experienced the many things in the Middle Ages completely differently than the rest of Europe. In some ways this post is about a section... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Bullfinch’s Mythology

From the time it was published in the mid-19th Century, through the mid-20th Century, Bullfinch's Mythology was pretty much "the" mythology text. It contains English versions of Greek, Roman, and Arthurian myths, as well as Medieval romances. It's imminently readable, and it can definitely be an interesting read. One thing that's important to keep in... Continue Reading →

Website: The Louvre (English Version)

For some people (including me), the Paris's Louvre is pretty much THE museum. It singlehandedly holds the Mona Lisa, the Nike of Samothrace, the Venus de Milo, the Raft of the Medusa, and many other wondrous artifacts. Every time Paris floods, I worry about this place; but they saved their treasures from World War II,... Continue Reading →

Website: Google Arts and Culture

If you are looking for a specific work of art, and you're not sure what museum holds it, Google Arts and Culture is a good place to start. They have high resolution images (that can be zoomed in) of more than 2000 works. In addition, they have information on those works, as well as articles... Continue Reading →

Website: Kahn Academy

This site has so much information, it can become a little overwhelming. In the future, I plan to highlight a few specific areas, but I didn't want to wait to share information about this resource in general. The Kahn Academy provides free courses (including some excellent videos) on a wide variety of subjects. If you're... Continue Reading →

Website: Renaissance: The Elizabethan World

This site provides a great variety of information about the life and culture of Elizabethan England (my favorite part is their section on Sumptuary Laws mandated who could wear what). Much of their information comes from original sources--documents from Elizabethan England that they have (in many cases) transcribed onto their site. They also have a... Continue Reading →

Website: Old English Poetry Project

For those who like poetry, Medieval literature, or just need to research obscure literature, this site may prove valuable. It purports to hold translations of 79% of the surviving Old English Poetry. That's pretty impressive. Reading these works can give you an idea of what people in England during the Early Middle Ages were talking... Continue Reading →


If you are as interested in the Middle Ages as I am, then you should definitely check out They publish articles about a wide variety of topics on the Medieval Period in Europe, ranging from witchcraft to warfare to daily life. I highly recommend this site for anyone who would like to see how... Continue Reading →

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