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Website: The Metropolitan Museum of Art-New York

The one that gave me the idea to start this blog–this site contains an amazing amount of information. If you choose to search the collection (see link below), you will be able to find a huge variety of amazing works of art, and they have included a lot of useful information for each work. This includes timelines and links to similar subjects. The other thing that impresses me about the Met is that they have a huge collection of Open Access images. This means that they are free to use (and even change as you like). If you’re looking for Open Access images, just make sure that you check that you’re using one with a OA underneath, and you’re good to go. Just don’t forget to cite–it’s polite even with open access. For example, the image I’ve used on this post comes from the Met’s Open Access Collection, and it’s a painting called Evening Landscape with and Aqueduct by Theodore Gericault.

Link to The Met

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