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Videos: Crash Course

If you’ve never heard of PBS’s Crash Course series, you should definitely check them out. Ranging in topics from mathematics to science to history to philosophy, they offer fun and engaging looks at complicated topics. They don’t have an art series (as of this writing), but students of the Humanities can find a lot of helpful information in their several history series (including one about film history). If I have one complaint about Crash Course (other than the lack of a dedicated art series) its that the shear number of videos can get a little overwhelming, and it can be difficult to find individual videos about artistic topics hidden in series based on non-art disciplines. For that reason, I’ll be putting up several posts about individual Crash Course episodes to help Humanities students better figure out which videos may be most relevant to their interests. I’ll also post a link to the film history series because it’s honestly amazingly good.

link to Crash Course YouTube Channel

link to Crash Course Film History

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