Videos: MOMA’s Pressure and Ink

I've already recommended MOMA's YouTube Channel for those who are interested in learning about Modern Art, but they also have some excellent technique videos as well. In particular, I find their series Pressure and Ink to provide great information about printmaking. Specifically, they have detailed demonstrations (with solid explanations) of relief printing, intaglio printing, and... Continue Reading →

Videos: MOMA’s YouTube Channel

MOMA (The Museum of Modern Art in New York) contains some of the best examples of Modern and Post-Modern art in the world. This art can be very different than the art that most of us are used to, and MOMA has put together a great many excellent videos that showcase various aspects of Modern,... Continue Reading →

Video: The Two Cellos

Have you ever wondered what hard rock would sound like if it was played on the cello? Yeah, me neither. However The Two Cellos have answered that question that most of us never thought to ask. In this case, the song is Thunderstruck, and it will show you just how close Classical music and rock... Continue Reading →

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